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  • Office Of The Future: 3 Ways Smart-Tech Can, and Will, Change Your Conference Room


    Comfort is a key factor in any meeting. We’ve all had that conference room with the faulty thermostat and the light that won’t stop blinking, it’s awfully distracting. Many business leaders feel that they have already lost the room’s attention before even starting their presentation. Creating a conference room that is comfortable and inviting is so important to producing a positive and productive mood.

    Today, we can utilize things like smart climate control. When employees enter the conference room, the temperature can automatically adjust to an optimal climate that encourages the best team output. This fresh, strong start to the meeting makes all the difference.

    Conference rooms can also benefit from smart motorized shades. Whether there are many distractions outside, the sun is glaring in that day, or the lighting in the room isn’t right, automatic shades can adjust the room to your exact liking through the use of smart solutions.


    Presentations and visual communication are essential to every business meeting. A fuzzy or dull visual can be very distracting to those in the meeting and can dramatically take away from the impact of your message. You have spent all of that time crafting a killer pitch, the last thing you want is to have that diminished because your monitor is outdated.

    Monitors in the conference room are a commonly overlooked variable that truly make a world of difference in your meetings. Whether it be to the team or to prospective clients, the way you present your message visually can be one of the biggest impressions you make on the viewer. You want that sub-conscious voice in the back of your viewer’s head to spend less time saying, “what is that?” and more time saying, “wow!”

    Another overlooked variable is cameras or webcams. Many companies, especially in our current times, lean very heavily on video conferencing and remote collaboration. This makes the quality of your visuals an even more pivotal part of your meeting process. A camera that presents 4k vs one that presents 1080p can be the difference between a clear line of communication and a garbled mess when you are presenting to someone on the other side of the country!


    Ultimately, a smart tech integration solution for a conference room should have a central control, software or device that makes it easy to use. If you spend the first 5 minutes of the meeting fumbling with a remote to get your presentation on screen, you’ve already lost momentum and attention.

    With today’s smart-tech solutions, you can have every single feature of your conference room at the touch of a finger. Whether you need to adjust the projector, lower a display, change the volume or brightness, or turn on the strobe lights and music to celebrate a closed deal, it can all be accessed from one easy to use point of contact.

    Your conference rooms can be reserved, managed, and controlled in one program making an effective meeting a few finger taps away from any of your team members. Smart-tech benefits you, your team, and fully integrates your conference room, bringing technology and reality to one, coherent space.

    A smart conference room helps create a better company. When teams can optimize their productivity and output, you can expect improved results. Imagine a conference room where ideas are spread easily, innovation is increased, and everyone is providing valuable insight. This can be possible when we use technology to create a vibrant, integrated environment.