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  • What Is Smart Home Technology? And How Does It Improve Your Life?


    Every day it seems like there’s a new device on the market that will help you automate your life. While all of this new technology can seem a little daunting, the truth is they can improve your well-being—by a lot.

    In this article we’ll go over what smart home technology is and why you should consider adding smart home devices to your life.

    What is smart home technology? 

    Also known as smart home automation, smart home technology is the connection of devices in your home through a network such as your home Internet. Being connected to the Internet means you can oftentimes manipulate these devices without manually touching them, either through your computer, smart phone, or tablet. It also means that you can automate their functions and forget about them.

    Want to set your house’s alarm even though you’re 2,000 miles away? No problem. All you have to do is pull up the security alarm app and set the alarm. Lying in bed and too comfortable to get up and change the temperature on your thermostat? Just pull up your thermostat app and lower your indoor temps a few degrees.

    Now you’re thinking; “oh lord now I have to have 27 apps on my phone to make my house work?”

    Not at all!

    With today’s technology, you can take all of these separate apps and automations and simplify them into one single “smart-app”. For example, our Control4 app will organize every function smart function of your home into one easy-to-use control center and give you the most simple experience possible. This is the part that makes smart-tech really exciting!

    Smart home automation is becoming prevalent in just about every area of your home and it can make your life significantly easier. (More on that below.)

    Common smart home gadgets: 

    When smart home technology started hitting the mass market in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there weren’t a lot of options. Today, any device you can think of may have a “smart” version. Here are just a few smart home products:

    • Security systems and cameras

    • Locks

    • Television or entertainment systems

    • Stereo systems and speakers

    • Air conditioning and heating

    • Refrigerators

    • Lighting

    • Garage doors

    • Fans

    • Vacuums

    • Microwaves, pressure cookers, and other kitchen appliances

    • Mattresses

    • Baby monitors

    • Lawn mowers

    • Irrigation systems

    • Washing machines and dryers

    • Smoke detectors and water leak detectors

    How smart home technology can improve your life: 

    There are several reasons why you’ll want to consider automating your home. Here are just a few:

    • If you have limited mobility, or you’re getting older, having the ability to adjust important devices such as your lighting, thermostat, kitchen appliances, and security system from the comfort of your wheelchair or bed makes independent living more possible.

    • If you travel frequently and are concerned about the upkeep of your home, having a smart security system, smoke detectors, water leak detectors, and cameras can help you keep peace of mind while you’re away.

    • If you’re a busy parent, having your house automated helps you shift some of the chores onto the devices themselves. For example: Smart vacuums allow you to start the wireless appliance via app or voice command. Smart cookers allow you to adjust the temperature of the device from just about anywhere to ensure your dinner comes out perfect.

    • If you care about the environment, many smart devices for home are designed to conserve energy. Automated lighting, thermostats, irrigation systems, and other household appliances can help you save the environment and money.

    But even if you aren’t any of these things, there are limitless ways smart home technology can improve your life. While some devices may have a larger price tag than their conventional counterparts, the time and money you’ll save in the long run will be more than worth it.

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