Automatic Door Locks: 5 Reasons You Should Make The Switch To Smart Door Locks

In today’s world, more homeowners are investing in smart home technology. Automatic door locks give your home more security and other features that you can’t get with a traditional door lock. These days everything can be automated. Your lighting, shades, and HVAC system can be run through automation and smart technology. If you have started making your home a smart home, making the switch to smart door locks should be on the top of your list.

Your front door is the number one way that you, your guests, or intruders can access your home. If your doors lock with a key lock, you may not have thought about all the ways someone can get into (or get locked out of) your home. Automatic door locks are more secure, more convenient, and can be integrated with other smart home security. There are a lot of great reasons to change your door lock to a smart lock.


Have you ever lost your keys? Over a lifetime, the average person loses 3,000 possessions, and keys are the most frequently lost item. Keyless entry can spare you from this worry. No more searching your house looking for where you misplaced your keys. You won’t ever have to call a locksmith, or your spouse at work to come home and unlock the door for you. A smart lock will automatically lock behind you, so you never have to wonder did I remember to lock the door today? Having an automatic door lock gives you immediate access to your home at any time without a key.


One of the main reasons people choose automatic locks is because they are more secure than traditional door locks. A smart lock can be integrated with your home security system or be used as a standalone feature to add security to your home. Automatic door locks are difficult to hack or break into. Most intruders are not hackers, they are people looking for a house with easy entry. A standard door lock can be picked or broken through force. You don’t have to be that smart to do this. Anyone with a computer can Google how to pick a door lock. If you’ve ever gotten locked out of your house, you may have discovered how easily this can be done. A smart door lock makes your home much more difficult to break into and is a deterrent for burglars all on its own.


Some homeowners keep their doors locked at all times, but others only lock them at night or when they are away from the home. You can program an automatic door lock to lock and unlock at specific times, so you never have to remember if the door was locked.


Do you have someone who comes by the home to walk your dog? Have you ever given someone your key or had to leave your door unlocked so a guest could stop by for something while you weren’t home? With an automatic door lock, you never have to give someone your key or leave your home unlocked. Use integrated door locks to create a new user code and restrict access to specific days or times. You can do this from anywhere using your smartphone, even if you’re not home.


Over time, when you insert your key into your door lock, the mechanism inside the door lock can get worn down. Have you ever had to wiggle your key to get your door to unlock? This won’t happen with a smart lock. Once installed, you simply enter a key code to open your door or use your smartphone to automatically lock or unlock your door. This eliminates the wear and tear that happens with traditional locks.

If you are considering adding automatic door locks to your home, get in touch with Intuitive AV. One of our professional installers can answer any of your questions about smart locks or other smart home technology.

Outdoor Automation: Energy Saving Outdoor Tech That Turns Off When Not in Use

You want your home’s exterior to be secure and safe at night. You invested in security lights, path lights, and landscape lighting to make the night-time view of your home spectacular. But if you’re leaving your outdoor lights on all night, it adds up. You are wasting electricity and money!If you have outdoor landscape lighting, porch lights, fans, or other outdoor technology, and they’re not automated, you could be spending tons of extra money on energy costs over time. We all know that turning off lights when they are not in use is a good way to save money on your electric bill. If you’re not taking advantage of smart technology, you will need to manually turn your lights on and off. While turning your lights off manually can work, there are more efficient, convenient, and affordable ways to upgrade your outdoor technology to be more energy efficient. You can easily automate your outdoor lighting and fans.

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With so many options in automated technology, making the switch to an automated outdoor lighting system couldn’t be easier. Upgrading your outdoor lighting and outdoor technology to an automated system can provide your home with more security, safety, and provide you with energy savings. You can have a fabulous well-lit garden or patio, with lights that you can conveniently turn on and off. Along with that, there are so many other cool features that will make you wish you made the switch sooner

Your outdoor landscape lighting, porch light, pathway lights, can all be controlled by powerful automation. If you are curious how difficult it is to upgrade your current lighting system, switching to the Control4 smart switch is a great solution. Control4’s wireless lighting solutions make upgrading your outdoor lighting to a smart automated system easy. Whether you’re ready to move all your lighting to smart lighting or just want to start small, Control4’s wireless lighting system can be tailored to meet your needs. Even if your current lighting system is older, there are options for upgrading your lighting system to Control4’s automated technology.

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What’s a smart switch? A smart switch is similar to a light switch but it uses smart technology. A smart switch replaces your existing wall switch and can be programmed to turn your lights off and on automatically, or you can control it wirelessly through an app on your smartphone. Your smart switch works with other smart home technology to provide you with convenience and energy efficiency you can’t get from a traditional lighting system.


More Americans are upgrading their homes to smart technology. Your indoor lighting can be automated. Your heating and cooling system can be automated. Your home’s blinds, entertainment systems, outdoor lighting, and fans can be automated. Aside from automated technology being convenient, it can create significant energy savings.

According to Energy Star, lighting accounts for about 20% of your monthly electric bill. The cost of electricity varies across the country. How much you can save from switching to outdoor automation depends on how much energy you typically use and how diligent you are about turning your outdoor lights and fans off. Some customers report saving as much as 30 percent off their monthly energy bill by moving their homes to smart technology.

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By being able to control the times when your lighting is turned on and off, you can avoid paying for energy use when you don’t actually need it. Your outdoor lights can be scheduled to turn on automatically at sunrise or turned off automatically at sunset. Control4’s smart switch comes with a built-in app, so you can conveniently override the settings any time you want right from your app. You can use a timer to turn your lights or porch fans on only during certain ambient temperatures. No need to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off or for you have to get up and turn on the fan. You can program them to turn off or on automatically.


Sure you want to save money, but adding outdoor automation to your lighting system does more than that. It’s convenient, adds value to your home, and your life. Would you like to set the tone for an evening backyard get-together? You can easily adjust your outdoor lighting right from your smartphone. When you’re done for the night, you don’t need to go around and switch off all the lights. With just one touch, you can turn everything off. If you’d like to find out more about how to automate your outdoor lighting, contact Intuitive AV for more information on how to bring smart technology to your home.