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  • Common Causes of Slow Internet and How to Fix It

    If you’ve ever tried to watch a streaming video or get work done with slow internet, you know how frustrating it can be. Trying to troubleshoot the problem can be a headache. If you’re wondering why your internet is so slow, there are a few common causes of slow internet. Some of the reasons for slow internet are easy to fix. These are the most common causes of slow internet.

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    Slow Internet Caused by Your Computer

    When someone has slow internet, the first reaction is often to look into the router or internet service provider. However, a slow computer may be the root of the problem, especially if you are only noticing slow internet on only one computer or device. One way to find out if the problem is slow internet or your computer is to check the internet using another device. If you discover, the internet is loading fast on your other devices, the culprit might be the particular device that you are using.
    Ways to fix slow internet on one computer

    Run a malware scan
    If your computer is loading slow, the first thing you should do is run a malware scan. Use an anti-malware or computer health program to scan your computer. Make sure your computer doesn’t have adware, trojans, worms, or spyware on it. If your computer is malware-free, try defragmenting your hard drive using your computer’s defragmenting tool. You can also try using a PC cleaner. This should remove stored cached files that could be slowing down your computer.

    Use an ethernet cord
    If it’s still connecting to the internet slowly, run an ethernet cord from your router to your computer. Because an ethernet cord connects directly to your router, the internet will load faster. If your computer’s internet loads faster with ethernet, the issue could be your computer’s wireless adaptor or your wifi network configuration.

    Use a USB wifi adaptor
    When a computer runs slow over wifi the issue may be with your computer’s built-in wireless network adaptor not having enough reach. An easy and affordable solution is to purchase a USB wifi adaptor. This should extend the wifi reach on your computer.

    fixing slow internet by using an ethernet cord

    Slow Internet Caused by Internet Service Provider

    Sometimes the issue is simple, your ISP does not provide fast enough service for your needs. You may need to upgrade your internet plan to one that provides a faster connection. If you experience any of the following issues, your slow internet may be caused by your ISP or internet plan.

    -Netflix or Amazon Prime buffering during shows
    -Zoom meetings not connecting or out of sync
    -Slow internet when several devices are used at the same time
    -Slow internet at night
    -Slow internet at the end of the month

    To determine if your internet speed is the problem, check your internet speed by visiting a website like or This will tell you how fast your internet speed is. We recommend using these 3rd party speed testing sites and not the one provided by your ISP. Sometimes the issue with internet speed has to do with how many users are connecting to your ISP at the same time. Problems at night or at the end of the month are mainly due to data caps or ISP network congestion. If your connection is slow, try running an ethernet cord to your computer and checking your speed over ethernet. This will help you narrow down where the problem is.

    Ways to fix slow internet due to Internet Service Provider issues

    -Upgrade your plan
    -Contact your internet service provider
    -Reset your router
    -Switch internet service providers
    -Slow internet caused by Wifi Networking Issues

    If you are on a great high-speed internet plan, your wifi connection should be fast. After all, that’s why you are paying for the upgraded speed. If you discover your internet is running slow in spite of having an adequate plan, there may be an issue with your wireless networking. Common reasons for wifi networking issues include having a large house, an improperly configured network, high latency (or the amount of time it takes for your wifi signal to travel back and forth), an outdated or inadequate router.

    wireless router

    Ways to fix slow internet caused by Wifi Networking Issues

    -Reset your router
    -Replace your router
    -Secure your router
    -Move your router to a more central location
    -Use a wifi extender
    -Use Ethernet cables
    -Contact a professional

    When it comes to wifi networking issues, the best solution is not always a DIY solution. There are a couple of fixes you can try. If you find that after trying these, your internet connection is still slow, you should consider consulting with a professional. Intuitive AV offers wifi networking services. We can troubleshoot any networking issues, install a wifi networking system that’s ideal for your home or office. The right router and wifi networking can significantly improve your internet speed.

    Why hire a professional to install your wifi network?

    If you are trying to get the best internet speed, you may mistakenly believe that it’s easier and cheaper to do it yourself. For some people, fast internet service is a luxury, but if you work from home or depend on fast download and upload speeds, having fast, reliable internet is important. A professional can actually save you money, time, and headaches. This way you aren’t purchasing unnecessary equipment, spending hours of time trying to figure out the best way to configure it, and once it’s set up, you don’t have to worry about it again.

    A professional knows wifi technology best
    Because this is what they do, they will have the most up-to-date information. Trying to Google the answers to your problems may result in outdated solutions or fixes you’ve already tried. A professional has experienced it all and knows what works best.

    A professional can fix something quickly
    You might be surprised by how fast a professional wifi networking service can fix your issues. Have you ever spent hours trying to set up a new router? An installer can do this in minutes.

    A fast wifi network involves wiring
    If you’ve ever had an internet service provider come out and rewire your internet cables, you know that not all of them are great at this. Have you ever had someone walk through your home trying to determine which wires were left behind by a previous cable company? Hiring a professional ensures that your wiring is set up correctly with the best access points. They can hide cables and make sure that your internet not only runs fast but that your home is not left with an unsightly mess of wiring.

    A professional can boost your internet speed inside and outside your home
    If you are looking for the fastest connection, a professional not only knows how to speed up the internet inside your home, they can boost your wifi signal outside the home too. From setting up wifi extenders or repeaters to choosing the best access points, they have the experience to provide you with the best all-around wifi networking.