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Cool Smart Home Ideas You Didn’t Know About

The world of smart home automation is expanding every day. Now you can control every device in your home with a voice command, programming, or the touch of your phone. Whether you have a complete smart home system or just have part of your home automated, there are tons of cool things you can do with smart technology.

You probably know that you can schedule your lights, your thermostat, or program the locks on your doors, but what else can you do? The possibilities are virtually unlimited, but here are a few cool smart home ideas you may not have thought about.

Get help with your sleep routine.

One of the coolest things about smart home technology is that you can use all your devices to create schedules, including a schedule to help you get to sleep and wake up at the same time. This is great for adults but, is amazing for kids. Create a scene for bedtime and wake up.

~Program your lights to dim at a specific time to help everyone prepare for bed
~At bedtime, turn off all the televisions, and lights at a set time,
~Set the blinds to automatically close to make the bedrooms dark.
~You can even stream classical music, nature sounds, or white noise before bed.
~In the morning program your window treatments and blinds to slowly open to help wake you up gradually.

smart home ideas for sleep
Keep tabs on your kids

Smart home security systems provide peace of mind and security for busy parents. There are many things you can program your smart home to do. For example:

~At dinnertime, shut off the TV and turn on the dining room lights.
~You can also send messages to your kids’ phones with reminders that they need to do chores. For example, put away the dishes or take out the trash.
~Get a text message when your kids come home from school.
~Check on your home remotely.  With a camera inside or outside the house, you can view your property from anywhere in real-time to make sure your kids are safe when you’re not there.

Set schedules for just about anything

If you are trying to develop a new habit at home, you can program your house so that it supports you.

~Want to read a book every night? Set up the televisions to turn off at a certain time. Program quiet reading music to play on your speakers and the lights to turn on by your bedside table or desk.
~Get your kids in on the routines. Let them pick a tune to play when it’s time to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.

cool smart home idea for scheduling

Use your smart home to reach your personal goals

In this day and age, smart technology can even be used to help you meet your goals. You really can use your smart home to assist you in just about everything.

For example:

~If you want to work out every day, play motivational workout music through your smart speakers at a specific time.
~When you want to get down to business, program your smart home to block out distractions for 25 minutes.

Cool entertaining ideas

Entertainment is a big part of why people love smart home technology. One of the best features is the ability to control your lights automatically.

~When you have guests over dim all the lights at once.
~You can also program the lights to dim automatically whenever someone turns on the TV.
~Don’t worry about interruptions, if the doorbell rings or you get a phone call, your TV can be programmed to pause automatically.

cool smart home ideas for entertaining
Use your lights more efficiently

The lighting in your house can be programmed to adjust when there is more natural light in a room, saving energy and creating a better experience.

~If the natural light in the room decreases, the lights will get brighter automatically.
~Lights can also work with motion sensors. If you ever wake up at night, you don’t want to turn on the lights in the entire house. A motion sensor can detect motion and turn the lights up to 15 or 30 percent, just enough light to see but not so bright to blind you or wake everyone up.

A smart home comes with technology to make it safer, more convenient, energy-efficient, and just plain cooler. There are thousands of things you can do with smart home automation. You can program your home for security reasons, to create useful schedules, or simply to have some fun.

If you’re interested in making your home a smart one, either now or in the future, get in touch with us at Intuitive AV. Our team of smart home professionals will be happy to help answer your questions.