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  • Smart Home Technology for Seniors

    Smart home technology is often considered the domain of the young, but it can also benefit seniors! Truth is, seniors can use smart home tech to benefit a lot in many ways. For example, they can use voice commands, smart programming, and alerts to feel safer and more secure at home.

    They can also set up automatic programming so that their lights and thermostat are adjusted automatically throughout the day. Seniors can even use smart home technology to help them stay safe if they have disabilities.

    Smart home technology has been helping families take care of elderly parents for a while. With cameras, sensors, and voice-activated systems, family members can make sure their parents are healthy and safe from a distance. But, if you think seniors are too intimidated by technology to invest in a smart home system themselves, you might be surprised. Seniors send text messages, use Facebook, use smartphones, and laptops.

    seniors using smart home technology

    As seniors get older, many want to age-in-place. This is a big trend in the baby boomer generation. To make sure they can remain safe and independent, many are looking into smart home technology.   When seniors and their families learn how to use this technology, it’s an appealing option for both seniors and their families.  It provides the family with peace of mind that they can check in on their older parents remotely while providing seniors with the ability to live in their own homes.

    Smart Home Features Seniors and their Family Love

    There are a lot of cool things you can do with smart home automation, but seniors and their families love the safety features, security, and convenience.  Here are a few features they love.

    Medical Alerts, Reminders, and Emergency Features

    There are a lot of built-in safety features in a smart home. With a little training and programming, a smart home can do everything from reminding you to take medication to sending medical help to your home with a voice command. A smart home is great for reminding seniors to take medication. They can even be programmed to tell you what the pill looks like or what dosage to take.

    If a medical emergency arises, emergency personnel can be sent to the house immediately. An alert can also trigger automatic unlocking of doors so that emergency personnel can enter the home. In addition, if family members receive an alert, they can check on the senior with remote viewing.

    older senior using a smart phone

    Smart Lighting and HVAC

    Seniors love smart lighting and HVAC systems They can enjoy the convenience of automatic lighting and temperature regulation. Voice commands make it easy for them to turn on or off all the lights, and seniors love it.  They can also turn the thermostat up or down without having to touch anything. A smart thermostat can adjust the temperature of the house based on a schedule, or adjust it automatically to keep the house comfortable. This is perfect for seniors at home who want to save money without having to keep track of everything.

    Motion Sensors and Monitors

    Another thing that seniors and their families like is the ability to set up motion sensors and monitoring. This can be useful for everything from sending an alert when they receive mail to turning on the hallway nights automatically when motion is detected. This is also a useful safety feature. To keep seniors safe in the kitchen, a motion sensor can be programmed to alert them to check the stove when they leave the kitchen.

    seniors cooking breakfast

    Smart security features

    Seniors, who often live alone, can feel uneasy about answering the door to people they don’t know. That is why cameras are so important. They allow seniors to see who is at the door before they open it. Cameras also allow family members to receive notifications if someone comes to the door or enters their garage.

    Smart door locks also eliminate the need for keys. Seniors don’t have to remember where they left the keys. They can just open the door with their smartphone. This is really handy if they want to double check if a  door is locked or unlock the door without getting up. They can even program doors to lock automatically at a specific time.  It’s also nice because caretakers can be given access to the house without having to set up an extra lock. For example, when a home health aid stops by they can just enter with a code.

    Smart home technology is useful for all ages. It can keep your home safe and secure and can even add a level of comfort that makes daily life easier. The setup process can be difficult and intimidating, but with the help of a professional, you can get started right away.  Get in touch with Intuitive AV with any questions you have about smart home technology or to help you get started