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How Covid Has Affected the Smart Home Industry

When the Covid pandemic started, it caused a lot of things to change in the technology industry. Our entire workforce was disrupted as many employees were forced to work from home. Not surprisingly, the sale of PCs went through the roof. In fact, more people bought laptops and computers in 2020 than they had in the last six years.

Because so many people were working from home, home technology became a necessity for many American workers rather than a luxury. This led to a spike in purchases of home office tech products such as webcams, microphones, and printers. Companies and employees were forced to become more innovative and make adjustments.

covid and the smart home industry

Covid initially disrupted the smart home industry

While Covid created a surge in home office technology purchases, the smart home industry did not fare as well. The economic situation was frightening and with social distancing in place, many consumers decided to postpone new installations of smart home systems.

Initially, the pandemic caused a big drop in the sales of smart home systems. However, as people have adjusted to living in the “new normal”, they have become more aware of the benefits of smart home technology. Covid has sparked a lot of interest in two areas of smart home technology in particular – home security and voice-controlled devices.

Covid has created a huge interest in smart home security

Home security is the main category driving growth in the smart home industry right now. Many homeowners purchased devices like security cameras, smart locks, and smart doorbells with cameras. According to a survey by, 70 percent of consumers said that home security was their number one reason for purchasing smart home products. The majority surveyed also said that smart home tech had helped them during an emergency situation.

Before Covid, people didn’t put much thought into who was coming to their door. They used home security systems mainly to protect their homes when they were away or to keep them safe at night. As contactless deliveries became commonplace, people wanted to know who was at the door before they answered it.

Covid also spurred an interest in indoor video cameras. Quarantines made it difficult for friends and family to visit each other. This was particularly concerning for people with elderly parents. Having an indoor security camera allows you to check-in or connect with your loved ones, even if you don’t live nearby.

There has also been a surge in voice-controlled devices and home automation

Since Covid started people are trying to keep their homes cleaner and safer. Smart home technology allows people to cut down on the number of high-touch surfaces they touch, such as doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls. By using voice commands, people can unlock a door without touching it or turn on a light without using the light switch. Homes and businesses are switching to more automation to reduce the need for touching switches or controls

This might explain why smart lighting is currently the second-largest segment of the smart home market. Voice control and automation are trending, partly because of Covid, but consumers are also buying smart home products for other reasons. A big one is energy reduction. With more people working from home, consumers are looking for ways to reduce energy. Smart lighting is one way to do that. Similarly, consumers are also looking into smart thermostats and HVAC systems.

Covid has changed our lives. We are doing things differently and are more connected than ever. As we move forward, more people are getting interested in smart home technology. Intuitive AV can help you add a smart home system to your home. No matter what kind of system you’re interested in, we can help you get started with smart home automation.