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  • A Guide to Whole House Audio

    If you want to listen to music in every room of your house, whole-house audio is the way to go. It’s incredibly popular, but many people don’t know how to set it up. In fact, a lot of people don’t even know what “whole-house audio” is.

    Our guide to whole house audio will walk you through the process of setting up this type of audio system in your home and help you decide which options are best for you.

    Whole House Audio Explained

    What is whole-house audio? It is the best way to play music throughout your house without having to buy a sound system for every room. You can play music and other audio sources such as movies, sports games, or the morning news through your whole house with just one audio system.

    If you’ve heard of whole house audio before, you may have heard it referred to as multi-room or multi-zone audio. All of these terms refer to the same thing, which is basically a system that plays music (or other audio) through multiple rooms, or zones in your house. A multi-zone system lets you play one audio source through numerous speakers in your home. But, if you want to play different music in each room, your system will also need to be multi-source.

    With a whole house audio system, you can play different audio sources through your home all at the same time. For example, you might play your favorite music in the living room and dining room, while playing the ball game in the hallway and bedrooms.

    A whole house audio system can be installed professionally, or by using DIY methods. We don’t recommend DIY, but you can set up your own multi-zone audio system by using multiple audio components and speakers to play music throughout your home.

    We’re going to explain how to set up a whole house audio system in your home. We’ll start by looking at the DIY methods and then explain why a professional installation is generally the best option.

    Planning Your Whole House Audio System

    Before you start planning out your audio system, you first need to decide how many audio sources you want to connect to your system. Do you just want to be able to play music through your system, or would you like it to connect to your TV and streaming devices as well?

    Once you’ve figured out how many audio sources you want to connect to your audio system, then you must decide how many zones you want to have. A zone can be a room or any area of your home that you want to be able to play music in. A multi-zone/multi-source system allows you to connect to several audio sources and then send these sources to speakers in different areas of your home.

    DIY Whole House Audio Systems

    If you want to do it yourself, there are a few ways to do it. Some options are more difficult than others, but most require a solid understanding of audio components and wiring. If you have a small budget and aren’t a pro, you may want to go the DIY route.

    Smart speakers

    The easiest and most affordable option is to purchase smart speakers. There are tons of smart speakers to choose from. This won’t give you the sound quality or features of a professional system, but you can simply purchase smart speakers and connect them to your wifi. Then, you should be able to play music through all the connected speakers in your home.

    Wireless multi-room audio system

    You can purchase a wireless multi-room audio system. There are many brands selling multi-room systems. Sonos is one of the more well-known and respected brands of wireless multi-room audio systems. These systems are easy to use and include everything you need in one complete system.

    Keep in mind if you go with this option, you may not be able to upgrade your setup down the road. They usually come with a set of speakers that only work as part of their system. So, if you want to add speakers to it later, they may not work with it.

    Multi-zone/multi-source receiver and speakers

    If you already have a receiver, you can simply add more speakers to it. This won’t give you the functionality of a whole house audio system, but it will allow you to play music in several areas of your home.

    Another option is to buy a multi-zone/multi-source receiver. This may be difficult to set up and not recommended for beginners. You will need to be sure the receiver is multi-zone and supports multiple sources. You will also need to buy compatible speakers. If you want your system to play in more than 2 or 3 areas of your home, however, this option won’t work.

    To Have the Best Experience in Whole House Audio Work with the Pros at Intuitive AV

    We are experts in home audio systems and we’re also fully licensed and insured. Wiring an audio system is complicated and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    A professionally installed system is really the best option for whole house audio. Although you can set up a basic audio system using some of the DIY methods above, if you want your system to play music through your entire home and not just one or two rooms, you will need a professional to help you.

    We understand that the aesthetics of your home is as important as the sound quality of your system. We can install your whole house audio system, and incorporate hidden in-wall speakers or ceiling speakers to make sure your home looks and sounds amazing when we’re done. We can even integrate it with a home automation system if you’re ready to have the best experience in luxury, convenience, and immersive sound.

    If you’re ready to experience whole house audio in your home, contact us today at (770) 317-7016 to get started.

  • Hidden Speakers: Beautiful Home Design Trends

    Hidden speakers are a must-have for homeowners that love minimalism. Nowadays, overdone electronic systems are not a sign of a high-tech home. It used to be cool to show off your amazing sound system, with all your subwoofers, speakers, and all that equipment with the flashy lights. Now, nobody wants to see all the wires, power cords, and speakers cluttering up their beautiful home.

    Hidden speakers and sound systems give homeowners the perks of a smart home while maintaining an aesthetically appealing and minimalist atmosphere. We know that many of our clients are looking for a minimalist approach. We know what they desire, but the question becomes how minimalist? The answer comes down to hiding as many components as possible, even down to the speakers.

    The Minimalist Design Trend

    beautiful minamalist home with hidden speakers installed

    With technology inundating every area of our lives, we are constantly surrounded by it. Interestingly, this is the driving force for the minimalist design trend. People want the convenience and luxury of a smart home, without having to see it.

    The minimalist trend is everywhere, even our websites and product packaging are getting simpler. The old saying “less is more” is true, especially when it comes to home design. People want fewer cords, less visible technology, and more space in their homes.

    If you have a gorgeous home, you don’t want to take away from its clean, stylish look by placing large speakers all around your room. Hidden speakers are a wonderful way to add high-quality sound to any room, without losing the beauty of your space. It’s a popular home design trend that’s here to stay.

    Why Hidden Speakers?

    When you think of a traditional sound system, you probably picture large speakers placed around your living room or another entertaining area. While this will deliver the all-around sound you love, it doesn’t look pretty. If you are interested in minimalism or having a modern home, old-fashioned speakers just won’t cut it.

    The fact is, a great sound system is an investment, so why not make it one that also adds elegance and value to your home. You can hide speakers in your ceilings, walls, and even outside.

    Ceiling Speakers

    modern living room with hidden speakers and flat screen tv

    Ceiling speakers are a great choice for adding surround sound to your room. Do you know how it sounds when you are in a movie theater? The sound comes from all over, including the ceilings. You can have this same experience in your home, but the sound is totally hidden. These speakers are the perfect addition to any smart home.

    Entertaining guests? Dim the smart lights, and turn on some music all with the touch of your smartphone. Your visitors will be amazed by the immersive sound and they may not even realize where all the incredible sound is coming from.

    In-Wall Speakers

    In-wall speakers are great and are certainly more discrete than floor standing or traditional bookshelf models. There are plenty of in-wall speaker styles and sizes to choose from, but truly hidden in-wall speakers are a level up and can provide great sound quality with no speaker visible whatsoever.

    Moving your speakers off the ground, and installing them in your walls, reduces the sound reflection and in many cases, this allows for even better positioning of the speakers. The sound is not bouncing off the wall, but instead, it’s coming directly out of the wall. This results in a clearer sound, with less interference as the sound waves aren’t bouncing from the floor to the wall.

    Adding in-wall speakers with accompanying ceiling speakers, will deliver sound to your home that can’t beat. Your home will be the coolest house in your neighborhood, with discrete, nearly invisible speakers. It’s not just a smart move in home design, if you are going to invest in a surround system, why not add hidden speakers instead?

    Hidden TV

    woman watching tv in modern home

    To conceal more of your electronics, you can also hide your TV. Television is great for watching movies, sports, or shows, but not everyone wants the TV set to be center stage in their home. This is especially true if you have a large home theater room. Several popular options exist for concealing your flat panel TV including Samsung art frame TV, Mirror TV hide, Traditional artwork TV hide, and motorized projector screens. With a motorized flat screen, your TV can be tucked away when not in use.
    Outdoor Speakers

    Even your outside can be filled with music. Did you know they have outdoor speakers that can be concealed right in your patio, landscaping, or walkways? Speakers are no longer what they used to be. You can add speakers that look like rocks, or other natural elements to your backyard and listen to music no matter what area you are spending time in.
    Add value to your home with hidden speakers

    Hidden speakers are a great investment in your home. If you are just starting to move towards a smart home, speakers are a great place to start. They don’t just add cool sound to your home, they add value to your home. Talk to an Intuitive AV professional to find out how you can add hidden speakers to your home.