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There is so much diversity in all the commercial spaces available in and around Atlanta, GA. Intuitive AV understands each space requires a thoughtful approach to design and installation for an audio/visual integration. Our team of experts stays in-tune with the technical electronics industry and are up-to-date on all the latest solutions available. As you’ll see below, we’re well equipped to integrate a variety of spaces. No space is too big or small. Contact one of our experts today and tell us about what you envision for your space. We invite you to explore commercial spaces we provide services for:

Professional Offices

Spotlight (PLAE)

This innovative sports flooring company benefited from new Smart headquarters building provided by Intuitive AV. Located in Woodstock GA Plae wanted to provide their employees and guest clients a truly smart space to work in. Starting with bio-metric finger print scanners to control building access to employees and guests alike Intuitive AV went a step further to integrate the access control system right into the rest of the buildings systems. When key employees scan their finger to enter the building the system respond by turning on the lights as well as digital signage displays and background music throughout the building. At lunch time the music automatically switches to a more up-beat tempo to ward off those afternoon energy slumps. And hosting company wide meetings has never been easier with company information or slides being easily shown on every display in the building with a single button press. Multiple conference and huddle room systems where included to allow for wireless screen mirroring and video conferencing via simple table top keypad controls that anyone in the company can use to easily command the next meeting. For this company having Intuitive AV integrate their access control, network, lighting, HVAC, music, AV and presentation systems all together has resulted in a smarter building providing a better working environment for a great team!

professional offices       

Typical Services include:

Hospitality & Large Venue

Spotlight (Doubletree Hotel)

This newly-renovated hotel benefited from…
Our client Double Tree Hotels was renovating their hotel near the new Braves stadium in Atlanta for a better guest experience. Intuitive AV worked alongside the General Contractor, Hilton Reps and Hotel Management to ensure the expectations of all parties were met during the Audio Video and IT upgrades. Intuitive AV worked to design new turn-key AV systems for Sports Bar, Guest Lobby bar, guest work space and performed meeting room refresh on 4 different size spaces ranging from 15 person conference room to 120 person lecture hall with dual projection system and moveable divisible wall. New digital signage for the meeting rooms along with distributed video and audio systems provided a better guest experience and increased client satisfaction for our client upon completion of this project.

hotel         doubletree

Typical Services include:


Spotlight (Never Enough Thyme)

This sleek restaurant benefited from…
Working with out client Never Enough Thyme from design concept to finish install we helped to create a relaxing and secure environment for their daily guests. This new restaurant located in Alpharetta Georgia benefited from our design expertise to ensure their guests are entertained and relaxed during their visit. Intuitive AV provided background music systems for not only the interior dining space but also outdoor covered dining space as well as 2 sided road frontage with customer seating so that even passers by got a “taste” of our clients atmosphere in this popular pedestrian area. Intuitive av provided guests with secure guest network WiFi and an integrated camera system ensured the safety of all guests and the peace of mind of the owners.

restaurant               inside restaurant

Typical Services include:


Spotlight (Outdoor store/generic)

A retail store could benefit from…
For any retail store making sure your customers are relaxed, comfortable and secure is paramount. The right background music can help tell your brand message to clients and entice them to browse longer while in your store. Properly designed and installed audio systems as well as digital signage can work to improve client satisfaction, keep them informed and in the store longer. On the flip side, owners are often concerned with monitoring store inventory or mitigating liability by having camera systems installed. A properly designed and installed HD camera system can provide peace of mind for employers and employees alike by providing a secure environment with peace of mind. Intuitive AV has lots of experience installing camera systems to provide oversight for managers as well as protection for employees and guests.

Typical Services include:

Houses of Worship

Spotlight (Church)

This beautiful church benefited from…
Visual displays and audio systems for both music and spoken voice are always a must for any house of worship. Intuitive AV has worked with many venues to provide turn-key systems to include music and presentation audio, video displays, av switching boards and controls as well as cloud video hosting of live events and productions. Many houses of worship often use visual aids, slides or video clips during their presentations. This is often complicated by the bright environments and large spaces with many people wanting to view the same content. Intuitive AV has successfully designed and delivered large venue projection systems that provide vivid and bright images in rooms with large amounts of artificial and ambient lights as well as hundreds of congregation members needing to be able to read and relate to the text and images on the screens. Some solutions include large projection screens as well as duplicated video outputs to secondary TV displays in the back of the main space or broadcast to auxiliary spaces elsewhere on the properly such as lobbies and cry rooms. You can’t have stunning visual displays without the audio to match! In this environment it is equally important to have and audio system that can easily reproduce soft spoken voice presentations as it is to have impactful and full range music re-production for concerts and songs. From initial design concept to speaker selection, wiring, programming and commissioning Intuitive can work within the scope of work to provide dependable results week after week.

church        church

Typical Services include:


Spotlight (Residential Homes)

Intuitive AV offers residential AV construction wiring and design consulting, design and installation services. We have experience working directly with architects, GC’s, builders and designers to deliver your project from start to finish. Many builders are looking to provide higher value for new clients by providing improved wiring or turn-key smart home systems on new builds. If working on a custom Design Build Project, Intuitive AV can interface directly with designers, property mangers and owners to design, wire and deliver finished turn-key smart home AV and IT systems. As a licensed low voltage contractor in the state of Georgia we are licensed and ready to work on new builds and permitted remodels. We work daily to provide wiring to builders for security, TV’s, whole house music, cameras, network, gates and more. We look forward to working with you on your next new construction project.


Typical Services include:


Spotlight (Residential Homes)

This residential home benefited from…
For discerning clients and many interior designers having a TV as a focal point of a designed space is a big no-no. Don’t worry Intuitive AV has the solution or several different ones that can be customized to fit the need! With several different approaches possible, a Art or Mirror hide can be a great solution for a beautiful space. Imagine your beautiful new room is just as elegant and ornately designed as your interior decorator envisioned it with no TV in-sight anywhere. Then with the push of a single button on your remote or app that custom oil painting over the fireplace opens to reveal a 65” 4K TV and soundbar ready to show you the action on the latest sporting event. When finished watching, the TV hides itself again behind a painting or mirror so that only the rooms design shows when the TV is not in use. Carefully designed spaces deserve AV systems that are just as discerning and we are here to help. A custom design consultation with your system designer can help find the right TV hide solution for your space to ensure your design vision as well as your entertainment potential are exactly as you envision it!


Typical Services include:


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