With a new All-In-One Remote, you can power on and control multiple pieces of equipment with the press of a single button. Do you need organization and prefer that your equipment is located in the cabinet below your TV or completely hidden in another room or closet? A custom designed installation from Intuitive AV allows you to view only the equipment you prefer, like the sleek new flat panel TV or projector. Hide all the equipment you don’t want to see out of sight in a cabinet or the next room. This also allows you to control your outdoor audio system outside without having to walk back inside to change tracks on your iPod or turn up your favorite song. Call us to schedule an in-home consultation and see how a new all-in-one remote can simply your life today.

  • Control multiple pieces of equipment with one remote.
  • A single button press will turn on/off and setup all your equipment.
  • Simple “Activity” based interface and large icons make it easier to use.
  • No more pile of remotes or list of steps just to watch TV.
  • Allows equipment such as cable box to be hidden out of sight.
  • Completely customizable to you and how you use your system.
  • What good is your home theater if all the members of the family can’t use it easily?!

Today, our home entertainment systems have moved way past the old tube TV. We now have a wide variety of HD content available through Cable or Satellite and the traditional DVD or Blu-ray. There are also many new media options such as Pandora, Hulu, Netflix, and much more that our new smart TV’s and network connections can now “stream” into your home.


All of these content options in addition to the flat panel TV or projector, audio receiver and more can leave you with a pile of remote controls. Our Home Theater Specialists can take all of these complicated and potentially confusing sources and make them easy and fun to use. An All-In-One handheld remote can make even the most elaborate home theater room simple enough for anyone in the family to use. After all, why have all of this awesome new content if it is too hard to access?

“I had experienced years of frustration dealing with my Harmony 890 remote as the controller (or not!) of my home theater system and The Geek Squad. [Intuitive AV] talked though some different solutions with me and spent as much time as was needed to set me up with an excellent remote as well as a much needed upgrade on my blue ray player. I now feel as if I have someone I can call to help with any home theater need I may have in the future that is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service”


Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive Industry Knowledge and Experience
  • Low Voltage License
  • Commitment to Ongoing Product Training
  • Name Brand/High Quality Equipment
  • Highest Quality Installation Standards
  • Fully Licensed and Insured