Home automation systems allow you to simplify your home’s lighting and shade features. Your new outdoor lighting system can be programmed to turn on or off at specified times, such as sunrise or sunset. Lighting can even be controlled by specific events. For example, if the security system is activated; the home automation system will turn on all the home’s outdoor lights. Lighting control can be very helpful inside the home as well.

photo of outdoor lighting

A single event such as setting the alarm for “Away Mode” would reassure you that all the lights in the house are turned off. Setting a “Vacation Mode” for the home can automatically turn on or off lights at preset times to simulate the home being occupied. In addition to these conveniences, you will also be saving energy. Devices such as room occupancy sensors make sure lights automatically turn off when rooms aren’t being occupied.


Window treatments can add warmth and style to any room. Blinds and shades can play an integral part in this décor. They can also go far beyond good aesthetics. Blinds and shades can help keep out light or prying eyes and also help save energy by keeping the sun out during peak hours and protect valuables from UV light fade

photo of indoor lighting

With the addition of automated blinds and shades, all the effort can be taken out of opening and closing these window treatments. This is extremely helpful for large homes with many windows or windows that are difficult to reach. Once tied into your home automation system, automated shades can be opened or closed at a particular time of day, by season or even outdoor temperature.