Controlling your home’s lighting with a home automation system has many advantages. Simplify the numerous wall switches by programming easy preset lighting “scenes”. With the touch of a button, many switches can be wirelessly activated.

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Turning on one light switch could activate all the lights in the front foyer, the front porch and the front landscape all at once. Or, all of these same lights could be programmed to turn on at Sunset and off at Sunrise every day. All of the outside flood lights can be turned on when the front gate opens after dark for added safety. And, of course you can’t forget the all-time favorite room for lighting control, the Theater Room.


Sit down on the couch with the family and press “Watch Blu-ray”. The TV turns on, the movie starts and the room lights automatically dim to the perfect movie watching level. Out of popcorn? Press pause and the lights rise to 75% brightness so you can get up without tripping over the dog. One consult with an Intuitive AV expert can answer all your questions.

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