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Are you looking to simplify your life and make your home work for you? We can take your home to the next level with a new home automation system which controls multiple systems automatically through your hand-held remote, iPhone or tablet.

Smart Home vs Connect Home

A Connected Home allows devices in the home to be controlled by the user, usually through a remote control or many individual apps.  For example, you can control your alarm system through an app on your phone.  A Smart Home takes this one step further by allowing the devices to communicate with each other without human involvement.  Imagine your fire alarm goes off… a Smart Home would react by calling to fire department and turning on all the lights and unlocking the doors to guide your family to safety.  Now, that’s Smart!


Imagine coming home from a long day and your home welcoming you by disarming the alarm system, turning on the lights and your favorite music, and setting the thermostat to the ideal temperature.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you can now lock and unlock the front door from anywhere if your child forgets their key or check your security cameras from a smartphone to make sure they got home OK.  You can even receive text message or email alerts about the status of your home.

Imagine getting the party started easily by selecting “party mode” on your all-in-one remote which will turn on your favorite Pandora channel, turn down the lights, and heat up the hot tub!

Automated blinds provide privacy, save energy, and protect interiors while maintaining your view!

Home Automation Systems can be as simple as a one room solution which can lower the blinds and turn on the projector in your home theater room with the touch of a single button. As a whole home application, these automation systems can help conserve energy, monitor your home security, save time and simplify your daily life. Add convenience and efficiency to your home by controlling your Heating & Air, shades, pool, hot tub, sprinklers, and lights with the touch of a single button or simply by time of day.

Home Automation allows for easy control of:

Whether it’s a new construction or you’re upgrading an existing home, the Intuitive AV team of experts can help guide you to the right automation system solution for you and your family. Call today to setup an in-home system consultation.

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