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Window treatments can add warmth and style to any room. Blinds and shades can play an integral part in this décor. They can also go far beyond good aesthetics. Blinds and shades can help keep out light or prying eyes and also help save energy by keeping the sun out during peak hours and protect valuables from UV light fade.

acka Great Room Black Vertical User Lighting Security Cameras Shades Security System Bryant Box 3 Upstairs

With the addition of automated blinds and shades, all the effort can be taken out of opening and closing these window treatments. This is extremely helpful for large homes with many windows or windows that are difficult to reach. Once tied into your home automation system, automated shades can be opened or closed at a particular time of day, by season or even outdoor temperature.


Imagine the blinds in the master bedroom opening automatically at sunrise each day. Lower the blackout shades in the theater room automatically when the room is turned on. Close the blinds on an entire wall of multiple windows with the touch of a button. With wired and wireless options available, you are only a few steps away from automated window treatments.

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