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Average Costs of Installing a Smart home system

The smart home market is growing at a fast pace. What used to be science-fiction is now a reality in many homes across the country. We now have smart appliances, smart lighting, smart thermostats, and HVAC systems. Owning a smart home can involve installing a multitude of different products, features, or systems, the cost to make your home a smart home will really depend on how comprehensive and feature-rich your smart home is.

The costs of installing smart home systems can range from $1,000 all the way to $15,000 or more, depending on what system or systems you install. However, on average you can expect to spend an average of $10,000 to have a smart home system professionally installed.

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Every smart home can have different levels of automation, not to mention a large range in different size homes that might need more or less equipment/devices. This is the reason there is such a huge range in the costs of installing smart home systems. If a homeowner, only wants one feature, for example, a smart thermostat and HVAC system, they will naturally spend less than someone who wants their entire home automated. Let’s break down the costs of installing various smart home systems.

Average costs of smart lighting systems

A smart lighting system allows you to control your lights remotely or with voice commands. You can dim lights, schedule them so they turn on or off automatically, or turn on based on motion detection.  For the average homeowner, 20% of their electric bill is spent on lighting.  Newer smart light bulbs use around 80% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. This is one reason why smart lighting systems are often the first step homeowners take in smart home automation.

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When it comes to smart lighting, the cost of a smart light bulb is around $30-60 for a single light bulb. Multiply this by the number of light bulbs in an average home and you can see that smart lighting can cost $1000 or more in just the light bulbs. In comparison, many professional smart home integrators will opt for installation of smart light switches or dimmer instead of light bulbs.  This solution is more flexible allowing for any type of light bulb to be controlled as part of your smart home system.  Also installing “smart bulbs” only leaves room for the light switch controlling the smart bulb to be left off leaving the “bulb” unresponsive in your smart home app. For a professionally installed lighting system, you can expect to spend on average $3,000-$4,000.

Average costs of smart HVAC systems

With the cost of heating soaring across the country, many homeowners are looking into smart thermostats and HVAC systems. When you use a traditional thermostat, each time you adjust the temperature your furnace kicks on to heat up the room. This creates a lot of extra work for your furnace. A smart thermostat adjusts the temperature automatically, reducing the amount of work the furnace has to do to heat your home. Switching to a smart thermostat can reduce your costs to heat your home, while also adding convenient home automation.

A smart thermostat costs on average somewhere between $200-300. In general, switching to a smart thermostat is an affordable step in smart home technology. However, if you have an older furnace, replacing your furnace with an energy-efficient furnace can add to the cost of installing a smart HVAC  system.

Average costs of smart home security systems

Smart home security systems are one of the big-ticket items in smart home automation. However, unlike lights or thermostats which are more affordable, you may be willing to invest more in a security system that comes with all the features that many smart home security systems have. This isn’t a traditional security system, that just monitors your home or triggers an alarm during a break-in.

Many of the smart home security systems connect with all the devices in your home.  You can control an array of products including your smart thermostat, lights, door locks, and garage doors.  You can also view your home remotely right from your smartphone.  In many cases, professional integrators like Intuitive AV can monitor your traditional alarm system already existing in most homes and add additional features to allow it to be controlled by the larger smart home system.  This can allow your existing infrastructure to remain while making it smarter at the same time.

There is a wide range of products and systems available when it comes to smart home security.  Pricing can range from $1,000 all the way to $100,000 or more for a larger home.  This is because there are so many different smart home systems available.  Most of the lower-priced smart home systems are DIY systems or require a monthly subscription.

If you want a fully-connected smart home security system, you can expect to pay on average $10,000 to $20,000. These systems require professional installation, but most homeowners are also paying for other smart home integrations.

If you are interested in installing a smart home system in your home, get in touch with Intuitive AV. Our professional installers can answer any questions you have about smart home systems and options in smart home automation.