Do you have the need to run high quality HD video signals to multiple locations? A Video Matrix can distribute the same or different HD signals to multiple flat panels or projectors at the same time. HD video distribution done properly can help consolidate control and can help reduce cost by eliminating the number of cable or satellite boxes that are needed to supply a restaurant, bar or commercial space. 0 40-Acre Ramches 995 www. pe.m

Share a single computer with 24 monitors to display stock quotes around an office. A restaurant or sports bar with 3 projectors and 30+ Flat Panel TVs could simultaneously display 1080p or 4k HD video for 30+ displays using only a handful of cable or satellite boxes.


With a distributed audio system, you can provide the full theater experience in multiple areas all at the same time and even control it from a smart phone or tablet. With different types of video distribution available to fit any situation, a professional consultation with Intuitive AV will determine the right solution for your space and usage.