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Do you get less than stellar cell phone reception in your home or office? Intuitive AV can help with a new cell phone amplifier and repeater installation. With no monthly recurring charges, your new cell phone amplifier system can drastically reduce dropped calls and increase your signal strength to near perfect in most applications.

  • One-time hassle free professional installation.
  • No reoccurring or monthly charges.
  • Amplifies multiple Cell Carriers in your home simultaneously.
  • Doesn’t require or use your internet connection.
  • Fully FCC Approved equipment for best performance.
  • Drastically increased signal strength and battery life.
  • Use your cell phone in your home again! Ditch your land-line.
  • Covert out-of-site installation.
  • Covers spaces from 1,000 – 20,000 square feet.

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This solution not only increases your phone’s signal strength, it also increases your phone’s return signal strength back to the towers. This helps to increase battery life by allowing your phone to work at a lower power mode and increase the clarity of your phone conversations. Stop holding the phone over your head in the house to send text messages and download web content. This system will increase your 2G, 3G and 4G internet and data speeds. Unlike other solutions, this system doesn’t tie into your home internet network slowing down your connection. It will increase the cell coverage for any guest in your home or business and isn’t limited to a few specific cell numbers like other providers.

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“Superb Service!”
“Eric and his team provided a thorough analysis of the problem– poor cell phone reception throughout the house, and poorly positioned televisions,
and then followed through correcting everything. We now have incredible cell reception– no small accomplishment across three wings and two floors of a rather sprawling house! I highly recommend them!!!”

-Elizabeth M.

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  • Extensive Industry Knowledge and Experience
  • Low Voltage License
  • Commitment to Ongoing Product Training
  • Name Brand/High Quality Equipment
  • Highest Quality Installation Standards
  • Fully Licensed and Insured